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March 2020

SANDBOARDING LIMA. The city of Lima is a geographically desert city, it offers one of the best scenarios for the practice of sandboarding. Sandride Experience is an original tour that uses a 4x4 truck as an instrument to reach the most suitable dunes for professional sandboarding.

This is a very complete tour that leaves the city of Lima on a tour of the most beautiful and deserted beaches of the Pacific Ocean and the oasis of Huacachina. The Paracas National Reserve is part of the driest desert in the world "Atacama". On a walk through the Paracas peninsula contemplating the colorful reddish yellow desert we will observe the rock formations, made by waves and wind, like "The Cathedral". beaches such as Pl

Feel the adrenaline in the dunes aboard a UTV. Chilca is located 65 km south of the capital. It is a district known for being a UFO sighting scene, with a desert geography. Arriving at our starting point and after receiving a basic instruction, get ready to live one of the most extreme experiences, crossing dunes at full speed, steep slopes will be a challenge to feel the speed in your veins. This is a tour you can't miss!

Lima is one of the best cities, in the world where you can ride a bike 365 days a year. Lima is not only a gray city as many people call it, this city located in front of the Pacific Ocean offers us a lot of delicious food and friendly people everywhere. We will discover Lima in a different and environmentally friendly way. Our bike tour is the best option for everyone who wants to tour the Miraflores boardwalk and its different

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