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sandboarding en peru

What you should know before you go sandboarding in PerΓΊ

what you should know before you go Sandboarding in PerΓΊΒ the desert geography has the best scenario for the practice of sand surfing, it is a sport that increasingly conquers more followers between foreigners and nationals.

And what is sandboarding? It is like to snowboarding, but we change the snow for sand, in a perfect warm climate. Although the excitement and adrenaline may be for a shorter period than in snowboarding, more and more snow riders are visiting Peru to sandboard.

Do not be surprised for a moment that you are in the dunes of the Sahara, the Peruvian desert offers endless dunes and unique landscapes, not for nothing was the scene of the Dakar Rally for eight consecutive years.

Are you ready for your next sandboarding adventure in Peru? So let’s talk a little about the best places to surf the Peruvian dunes.

Sandboarding in Huacachina

Huacachina known tourist destination, is simply amazing. It is the only natural oasis located in the desert of South America, also called β€œthe Hawaii of sandboarding”, it is the most popular place for domestic and foreign tourists if we talk about sandboarding.

But wait a moment … Do they really all do sandboarding? … well, unfortunately, DON’T LET IT BE FOOLED! Many do the gliding in the lying dunes, although it is very fun, it is made for typical tourists who do not investigate much. There are only some who dare to do it standing up.

If you are looking for a true experience to challenge yourself, there are professional sandboarding schools that offer classes for beginners and people with experience in snowboarding. With proper instruction and professional boards, they will show you the proper way to perform the sport safely. Do not believe that being a professional snowboarder you will not need an instruction. If you are a beginner you should try it. Do not worry! These schools are run by athletes and not improvised.

Don’t have time to visit Huacachina?

Not everyone has the same time when traveling, if you missed your visit to Huacachina, I’m sorry maybe it’s another timeL … Easy! I was just kiddingJ. Why? Because you can also enjoy a noon of sandboarding in Lima.

Where to sandboard in Lima?

Sandboarding in Lima is one of the favorite options of travelers who do the classic one-week tour of Peru, in the north and south of Lima there are dunes, some of the best known and favorite of domestic and foreign tourists are:

Aucallama Dunes

Located 71 kilometers north of Lima in San Graciano, there are the largest dunes in Lima, ideal for snowboard lovers. It is important to highlight that to reach the top it is necessary to make a walk of 1:30 hrs and the descent is almost 500 meters.

Dunas del Tubo

Located in the AncΓ³n district approximately 50 kilometers north of Lima within the Lomas de AncΓ³n reserve area, one of the most beautiful in the city of Lima. A 4×4 truck is necessary.

Chilca Dunes

Located 72 kilometers south of Lima. The use of a 4×4 truck is required to reach the sandboarding practice area, currently the dunes most visited by domestic and foreign tourists in Lima.

Do you have at least two days? Then we recommend the best places in the world to sandboard if you are an experienced rider.

Not many know that Peru is the paradise for professional sandboarding, because we have the largest dunes on the planet. After doing the classic tour in Huacachina or our exclusive tour in Lima, if you love snowboarding, please take note of the following information.

Sandboarding in Nasca

Cerro Blanco about 470 kilometers south of Lima, one of the best destinations for hikers, with the most desert landscapes between rocks, sand and few shrubs is considered the highest dune in the world, you can make a beautiful descent of a little more than 800 meters.

Sandboarding in AcarΓ­

Toro Mata about 550 kilometers south of Lima is the longest descent of sandboarding on the planet with 1800 meters of descent, not for nothing the most famous French skier Candide Thovex visited it as part of one of the latest productions He performed in Peru. But the first time this place was announced was thanks to the Brazilian Thiago EspΓ­ndola in 2008. It is important to use a 4×4 truck, it is recommended to visit it between the months of May to November.

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